Comunità di S. Egidio ACAP Onlus, was founded in 1973 to coordinate the social and humanitarian commitment of the Community of Sant’Egidio. It has as its main purpose (Article 3 of the current Statute) “the promotion of justice, peace, development, and international cooperation and the protection of human rights “.

The achievement of this purpose it happens “ensuring dignity and equality, guaranteeing the rights of people, developing each one form of social solidarity among individuals, fighting against all forms of poverty, promoting cultural, educational and social and health assistance initiatives “.

By virtue of the protocol signed with the MIUR, in 2017, the Community is authorized to carry out curricular activities within schools.

Giovani Per La Pace Onlus is an association that aims to involve the new generations in culture, assistance, education, education and in the formation of new experiences of community aggregation and basic democracy, new forms of social, welfare, cultural and health services, in favor of the weakest sections of the population in Italy and abroad.

In addition, the association coordinates and realizes the social, welfare, cultural and recreational services realized and underway within the S. Egidio communities where the volunteers involved are mostly young.

Zichy Gyula Alapitvany is the Hungarian S. Egidio Community, focused on youth education, social inclusion, tolerance and no-violence values with a relevant expertise in prevention actions from segregation, racism, anti-Semitism.

SMe System is a consulting firm specialized in European project design and management which targets small and medium sized enterprises, Third Sector bodies, professional associations and local bodies, providing a consulting service aimed at the access to finance and to public and private funding (at European, National and Regional level).

The company represents a real innovation in the field of consulting for companies and non-profit organizations thanks to the work of its team, which integrates successful experience in European project design and management with low-interest financing, internationalization, governance and compliance systems, also taking care of its costumers’ profile on Social Media and building strategic partnerships. SMe System offers a wide range of integrated services and transversal competencies to develop specific and sustainable paths for its customers, also providing them several partners (public and private organizations) from 70 different countries.

vzw Vereniging voor Solidariteit (VVS) was founded in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1987 to fight poverty. VVS organises activities for children and youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods, for people with disabilities, for refugees, for the homeless and for elderly people.